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In June 2004, a group of dedicated grandparents, along with community service providers Helping Hand Aged Care and Anglicare SA, met to discuss the possibility of a grandparents support group for South Australia. In 2005, Grandparents For Grandchildren SA Inc was incorporated and is operated by a dedicated team of volunteers and supporters.

How We Began

  • May 2002 Anglicare/Helping Hand invited interested grandparents to a meeting to discuss the growing concerns of the increase in grandparents caring for their grandchildren.
  • A committee was formed made up of a group of grandparents who were full time carers of their grandchildren.
  • June 2002, first committee meeting with grandparents, Helping Hand and Anglicare was help to outline the structure and purpose of the group.
  • Main focus: to discuss the wellbeing and welfare of the children and lack of support financially, emotionally and physically for grandparents.
  • June 2005 – became incorporated
  • November 2006 – office opened in Torrens Building in Victoria Square.
  • February 2009 moved into new premises 104 Wright Street, Adelaide.



To raise awareness within the community and all levels of government regarding the social justice issues associated with the increasing demands on grandparents raising grandchildren. GFGSA will provide reliable information and support services to enable grandparents with every opportunity to have access to and/or care for their grandchildren enhancing the welfare of these children at risk or in crisis, to live within a safe, loving, heathy and supportive environment.

Vision & Values

  • To support and improve the quality of life for grandparents through the provision of reliable information and support services
  • To raise awareness within the community and all levels of government regarding the social justice issues associated with the increasing demands on grandparents caring for grandchildren
  • GFGSA will work with the Australian and South Australian Governments and allied NGOs for secure a fairer and more equitable treatment of grandparents who are the full time carers of their grandchildren
  • GFGSA aims to secure for grandparents caring for grandchildren an entitlement to the same level of financial, legal and emotional support as foster parents receive.

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At the beginning of this year I reached out to GFGSA. I was tired, emotionally depleted but knew that I had to find the resources to act to protect my then 2 year old grandson.

The phone number for GFGSA had been provided to me by a community worker earlier on and as my daughter's struggles with mental health issues and drugs continued I was left with no other choice but to step in and protect one small child from his mother.

The day I dialled that number I was scared, fearing that if I acted I would loose my vulnerable autistic grandson to the unsupervised care of an unstable mother. The phone was answered by a woman called Joanne she put a set of strong warm arms around me that day even though it was just a phone call. I had my many questions answered without judgement. A basic tool kit for facing my challenges was provided and I for the first time in a very long time I felt empowered.

Today I have full time care for my grandson and my life is so much calmer and happier. Without the support of that GFGSA worker that particular day in January I may well still be in the same untenable situation with my grandson and daughter, all three of us struggling with living life on life's terms.

Ann Denham

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