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When grandparents take on responsibility for their grandchildren they have to navigate their way through a myriad of different bureaucracies and processes, including Family Law courts, child protection agencies and Centrelink. For many this will be their first experience with any of those services, especially if their assumption of responsibility is abrupt due to a crisis in the child’s family.

GFGSA understands that grandparents may feel unsupported and alone and have no idea about where to go for assistance. This is where GFGSA can guide you through this maze and provide you with information to help you understand what is involved in this complex process.

Booklets and brochures on a range of topics may be obtained from the GFGSA office.

Financial Support for Grandparents and Relative Carers

As a grandparent or relative carer of your grandchild, you may be entitled to benefits from the Commonwealth government to help you meet the extra demands that come with caring for your grandchildren.

Support for grandparent and relative carers includes:

Providing eligible carers with payments such as Family TaxBenefit, Parenting Payment and Child Care Benefit

Health and Medical Benefits

A Health Care Card entitles you to reduced-cost medicines as well as a limited number of other concessions.

As a grandparent or relative carer, you are able to claim Medicare benefits for medical expenses incurred on behalf of the child you are caring for.

If you do not have court orders, then the Informal Relative Caregiver’s Statutory Declaration will enable you to claim Medicare benefits for your grandchildren