Mobile Outreach



GFGSA has provided support, advice and information principally to grandparents that have found themselves in the position of primary carers and nurturers to their vulnerable grandchildren.

There is an ever growing increase in this required care provision, usually due to drug and alcohol abuse, mental illness, and family breakdown. Indeed, 54% of children “in care”,

What is MOS

GFGSA has a Mobile Outreach Service (MOS) to regional South Australia. Our Client Advocates have the ability to travel to many areas of the state and provide our services where there is greatest need.

Through strategic alliances with other NGOs and associated organisations, the infrastructure and support to facilitate our visits has been provided.

Outcomes of MOS

At GFGSA, our primary focus is the welfare of the children. We believe it is the birthright of all children to grow, and be cared for, within a safe, loving, healthy and supportive environment.

The flow-on benefits of such nurturing range from the raising of well-adjusted children within a family unit, to the substantial cost saving to the general community minimising damage