Our Services

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GFGSA will:

  • sit down with the often distressed grandparents (on behalf of their abandoned, harmed and neglected grandchildren) and listen to their problems and suggest a way forward to improve the care of the grandchildren.
  • provide information to better inform grandparents of their rights.
  • refer clients to psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors
  • refer clients to lawyers who may represent grandparents in the Family or Youth Courts.
  • attend Family Court and the Youth Court hearings as a court companion.
  • may be able to attend meetings with the Department of Child Protection, in support of grandparents.
  • operate a support program in partnership with Foodbank, Oz Harvest and others so grandparents experiencing hardship can be provided with food parcels.
  • work in tandem with government agencies and other service providers who may be able to assist grandparents in the areas of their special expertise.
  • help grandparents enrol grandchildren at school and gain a range of benefits using the Informal Relative Caregiver’s Statutory Declaration form. This form also gains consent to medical and dental treatment and access to other State Government supports and services.

We Listen

A GFGSA Client Advocate sits down, with often distressed grandparents (on behalf of their abandoned, harmed and neglected grandchildren) listens to …

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We Guide you through Services

GFGSA liaises with and refers to Government and Service Providers including Centrelink, Medicare, Department of Child Protection, Legal Aid …

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We provide Information

GFGSA provides information to better inform grandparents in situations of where they would like to take guardianship …

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We Can Support you at Court Hearings

GFGSA attends court in a supportive capacity and also provide support in all other areas …

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We Connect you with other Grandparents

Support groups or even phone support can be very helpful in this journey …

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We Provide Ongoing Support for Grandparents

GFGSA provides support to grandparents who have caring responsibilities …

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