Volunteer with Us

Our volunteers are important to us and we value your contribution. Volunteers have been involved with our organisation since it began, and we still operate entirely with volunteer staff.

Whatever your area of interest or expertise, there are a range of ways to contribute at Grandparents For Grandchildren S.A. Inc. We welcome regular volunteers who wish to contribute their skills for one-off projects, or who would like an ongoing role in the GFGSA team. If you have a skill to share, please speak to us. We will have a way to put your talents and enthusiasm to good use.

‘We believe our volunteers are our most valuable resource and are essential to the work we do’

Phone: (08) 82121937 Fax: (08) 84106642 Email: peter.biber@gfgsa.com.au

Why volunteer?

  • You’ll be doing something you’re passionate about
  • You could learn new skills, or add to the ones you already have
  • You could meet like-minded people, from diverse backgrounds and cultures
  • You will have the opportunity to learn, network and find mentors in the not-for-profit industry
  • You will be working towards a valuable cause

Who can volunteer?

Anyone 18 years or older can register to volunteer. Special consideration may be made for volunteers aged between 16-18 years. Please contact us for a chat or if you have any further queries.